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Program for Assertive Community Treatment for Youth (PACT-Y)


The Home for Little Wanderers’ Program for Assertive Community Treatment for Youth (PACT-Y) is a comprehensive service designed specifically for youth with the most challenging, persistent mental and behavioral health needs whose experiences with other community-based health services have not resulted in the sustained success they need to stay in their communities. Our program offers intensive, coordinated, comprehensive care from the PACT-Y team, an integrated, multidisciplinary team that meets youth and young adults where they are, whether at home, college or at a transitional age program. 

Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Youth/young adults served by the team do not have other community behavioral health providers while receiving this service.


Our PACT-Y team works together interchangeably and with daily communication to provide complete care and seamless support to youth, young adults and their families. It includes the following members:

•  Program Director/Team Leader
•  Assistant Director
•  Psychiatrist or Nurse Prescriber
•  Registered Nurse
•  Master's Level Clinicians
•  Outreach Workers
•  Occupational Therapist
•  Family Partner
•  Young Adult Peer Mentor
•  Educational/Vocational Specialist​​​​​​
• Program Assistant


PACT-Y services and interventions include:

•  Culturally-sensitive comprehensive assessment to understand youth and family strengths and needs
•  Psychiatry, including prescribing, by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner
•  Nursing
•  Care coordination
•  Counseling and psychotherapy, both individual and family therapy
•  Peer supports
•  Substance use interventions
•  Occupational therapy
•  Assistance with accessing health care services
•  Crisis response and intervention
•  Educational and vocational support

Full family involvement in the assessment and treatment process is critical to the success in this service!
Note: If the participant is over the age of 18, family involvement is voluntary and requires the youth's permission.


Participants in PACT-Y must be referred by the Department of Mental Health, under the age of 22 and possess an IQ greater than 70. Individuals must be living in the community with severe emotional disturbances and history of mental illness and have a previous history of unsustained success following participation in other community-based programs.


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