Child And Family Counseling Center


The Child and Family Counseling Center (CFCC) is a licensed outpatient mental health clinic. Services are provided at a primary site in Roslindale, in clients’ homes, and in other community settings. Clinicians are also embedded in more than 98 area schools.

Children and families come to CFCC for treatment and prevention services that are designed to promote healthy physical and mental health development while deepening their connection to their community. Many of those receive services from CFCC have experienced toxic stresses.

CFCC offers services to children, adolescents, and their families including:

  • assessment
  • treatment 
  • consultation 
  • prevention services
  • individual, group, and family therapy 
  • medical evaluation 
  • substance abuse counseling 
  • psychological and neuropsychological testing

The Home works hard to offer unique services for children and families that can be difficult to find but are still imperative for healthy development. Some of the specialty services CFCC offers include:

  • Treatment for trauma survivors 
  • Counseling for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) youth and families 
  • Community and school consultations


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